How can I get my Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

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After deciding the right property to buy,

You should purchase a property with a total value of over USD 250.000. (They may be two or more different property)
You should open a bank account in one of the Turkish Bank in Turkey.
The money should be brought to Turkey by customs or bank account.
The seller should be Turkish Citizen
The money transfers should be done by the bank.

The property valuation will be done by an expert. The progress of expertise and appointment for the title deed signing procedure takes about a week.

The aim of the purchase should tell to title deed officers.

About two weeks after the purchase, the deed provides you certificate of conformity which allows you to apply investor resident document,

After all you can apply for the appointment of Turkish citizenship. The application might be takes 2 weeks.

On your appointment day, you need to keep with you, property documents, the translation of the applicant’s passports, birth certificate and marriage certificate, if you divorce document.

After the application, it takes about 48 days to get Turkish Citizenship.

As a Firik’s team, we will be assisting you each step of this journey.

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