General Acquisition

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Apart from being mentally sound and having the power and capacity to make their own decisions, to get Turkish citizenship a foreign national:

Must have resided in Turkey uninterruptedly for 5 years before the date of application for citizenship, with no more than 12 months of this period spent outside Turkey,

Must communicate sincere intent to settle in Turkey and show evidence such as buying real estate for a home or business purposes, make investments, seek to compete your education here or get married to a Turk etc.,

Must not have a disease that threatens public health,

Must be a person of good morals and not engage in behaviour that contradicts societal values,

Must be able to speak and understand Turkish at a level deemed sufficient to adapt to the local social life,

Must have income or a profession to ensure their own or their dependants’ livelihoods,

Must not be in a position that jeopardises national security and public order (e.g. membership of a terrorist organisation)

Citizenship is also granted for exceptional cases, such as establishing industrial plants in Turkey, or having provided extraordinary service in the fields of social services, sports, science, technology or arts, or having the intention of providing such services with proposals drawn up to be submitted to the relevant ministries.

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