You Can Make An Offer

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Have you found one or two houses you love, now is the perfect time
to start thinking about making an offer for your dream home.

Please do not hesitate to make an offer. You could then do a purchase proposal which is a
declaration by the buy .But the seller is not yet obliged to accept.You can make an offer via
proposal form on our page ( Forms )

What Happens After Making An Offer?
Once you have found your ideal Turkish property and made an offer the the seller.If the
seller accept, it’s time to close the deal. Now there are a few more stages that you need to
go through before you have the keys in your hands.

Signing the Pre-Contract
After made an offer, you may have signed a purchase proposal, which commits you to buy if the offer is successful. Once accepted by the seller, the purchase proposal should be converted into a pre-contract ( Buyer undertaking), signed also by the seller.
In the buying system in Turkey, this is a proper contract that obligates both parties to sign the final contract.

Once the seller signs it, they are accepting the offered price and undertake not to sell the property to anyone else. At this stage you will pay deposit (Kapora).

Under typical conditions laid out in the contract, if either side backs out, the other party will have the legal right to seek compensation.The buyer could claim back his deposit, plus the same amount again if the seller backs out. If you, the purchaser, back out, you lose your deposit.

If all necessary paperwork is in order, you could skip the preliminary contract and move directly to the final purchase deed.

In this process your personal Firik’s real estate consultant will be assist you as in previous process.

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What should you consider before buying property in Turkey?

There’s a lot to work out when you start thinking about buying in Turkey, so it’s worth sitting down and working out the smaller details, as well as big picture topics like where you will live and what type of property you should buy.

Before You Start Your New Journey

Before you start to your new journey and adding a new story to your life, please ensure that your legal and financial affairs are in order in your home country.This includes telling your bank that you are coming to turkey so they don't freeze your cards out of security concerns.

If you are still keeping a property in your home country, it is worth asking a close friend to keep an eye on it, and bills can be paid online.

Planning a Property Viewing Trip to Kuşadası Turkey

Planning a property viewing-visiting trip is a good idea to explore your preferred areas.
This way, provides you to get a true feeling for the area before you commit to purchasing
a property there. Spending more time there lets you understand what daily life is like.