What should you consider before buying property in Turkey?

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There’s a lot to work out when you start thinking about buying in Turkey, so it’s worth sitting down and working out the smaller details, as well as big picture topics like where you will live and what type of property you should buy.

Things to consider
There are five key questions that are worth asking yourself as they will help you to direct your property search.

Why are you buying?
Putting your thoughts into words can help crystallise what you want out of your move, so think about your motivation for buying in Turkey. Is it enjoying better weather? Somewhere to have the family for holidays? A sound rental investment? Perhaps you want to ditch the 9-5 life and open a guest house?

How will your property be used?
Think about what you want and need from your home as it could impact where and what type of property you opt for in Turkey.

Do you want to be able to pop over on the weekends? If so, you’ll want a nearby airport. Would you like somewhere for investment, then holidays and eventually retirement? You’ll need somewhere that’s easy to maintain and in an area with strong yields. Should you like the idea of staying a while yourself then letting out your property, you will need a region that has appeal for tourists. On the other hand, if you’re relocating for a new life, you don’t need to be pushed into ‘investment’ areas ¬– try unspoilt gems like Kusadası and Its arround.

What must your home have?
What are your absolute must-haves? Think about what features or practicalities your new Turkish home absolutely needs to meet your needs, as this will immediately help you narrow down your property search — they’ll also help your estate agent.
For instance:
• How many bedrooms or bathrooms do you need?
• Would you rather a local beach or a pool? Or both?
• What about the style – traditional or bright and modern?
• Do you need outdoor space, like a terrace or garden?
What you don't need or what you need?
It can be quite liberating to write up what you don’t want! Similar to the “must haves”, listing the no-noes for any potential property an help you to avoid wasted time in research and viewings. Again, they’ll help out any estate agent a whole lot, too.

Think about things like:
• Do you not want to deal with the maintenance of a garden?
• Are you not interested in being in a busy tourist resort?
• Do you want to live somewhere without an expat community nearby?

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