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Where is the nearest Casino?

There are currently no legal casinos in Turkey but plenty in the ‘ Turkish occupied’ northern part of Cyprus. There are 9 cities with gambling facilities in Cyprus which have 36 legal gambling facilities available in Total.

Cyprus is a island of contrasts, where old meets new, where the mountains meet the sea, where the east meets the west and where you can ski and swim in the same day.

The most straightforward, quickest and cheapest will be a 90 minutes flight from Turkey (İzmir, İstanbul )and a few more airports providing direct flights to Cyprus Ercan Airport.

Hotels providing return transfers between hotel - airport.

And when it comes to the best places to stay in Cyprus, there are many places for different holiday lovers.
The island has a huge array of accommodation options, ranging from converted farmhouses in the foothills of the Troodos Mountains to luxurious beach resorts, where every suite has a private pool.

There are some excellent family hotels we recommend too, as well as some honeymoon hotels and some pads where you can book a great value beach break.

Documents required from Turkish citizens; A valid passport or identity card.

Documents required from citizen of the European Union and Schengen area countries; A valid passport or national identity card.

Documents required from citizens of other countries; A valid passport

Validity of travel Documents

Citizens of countries which do not have an embassy consulate general, consulate or representative office in the TRNC; and citizens of the countries that are not members of the EU, must have a passport or travel document valid for at least 6 months to be able to enter the TRNC.

Citizen of the countries that have an Embassy, consulate or representative office in the TRNC and citizen of the EU countries must have a passport or travel documents valid for at least 2 months to be able to enter TRNC.


Tourist Visa;

A visa which can be issued for maximum of 30 days. If one submits documents showing a prior payment has been made for accommodation, then a visa up to 90 days will be granted.

Internship, course, exchange program etc.
can be issued a visa for up to 90 days provided that they can submit formal acceptance letters.

Work permit Visa
It is granted for a period of 30 days for foreigners who comes to the country with a preliminary permit in accordance with the Law on Work permits of foreigners.
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