Turkish Citizenship

Did you know 5 benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Investment ?

Procedure is easier when you compare to similar citizenship process.

You do not need to spend a year in the country to get citizenship. It takes just four months.

You may keep your current passport ...

How can I get my Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

After deciding the right property to buy,

You should purchase a property with a total value of over USD 250.000. (They may be two or more different property)
You should open a bank account in one of ...

Long Term Residency

If you do not want to acquire citizenship but would like indefinite leave to remain without having have to extend your residence permits, you can also apply for long term residency. If you have stayed...

Ways to Acquire Turkish Citizenship

The ways to acquire Turkish citizenship can be divided into several categories


Option 1: Property

The most widely known, and arguably easiest out of all the financial options, is by b...

General Acquisition

Apart from being mentally sound and having the power and capacity to make their own decisions, to get Turkish citizenship a foreign national:

Must have resided in Turkey uninterruptedly for 5 years b...

What Do i Need to Make My Application

To apply for Turkish citizenship, you’ll need the following documents:

Your passport and its translated photocopy
4 biometric photos
Certificates proving you are mentally and physically in good healt...