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There are currently no legal casinos in Turkey but plenty in the ‘ Turkish occupied’ northern part of Cyprus. There are 9 cities with gambling facilities in Cyprus which have 36 legal gambling facilities available in Total.

Before You Start your Journey

Before you start to your new journey and adding a new story to your life, please ensure that your legal and financial affairs are in order in your home country. This includes telling your bank that you are coming to Turkey so they don't freeze your cards out of security concerns.

An Expert Touch

The process of buying property in Turkey is significantly different from the Europe. This is why we’ve created our completely free Turkey Buying Guide. To provide those dreaming of a new life in Turkey with all of the practical, legal, and financial information needed to help you make that dream real!

What About Budget?

Do you have a realistic idea of your budget?
What do you feel, if you find one you love, then you realise that you can't afford it at a crucial later stage.

How To Buy?

Buying a property in Turkey is not a difficult process.
This means that you may be able to purchase your dream home sooner than you think !

Why To Buy?

Preferring to live in a nice climate with healthy foods?
A sound of investment?
To have unforgettable family holidays?
A rental investment?
A new life style on Aegean coast line

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