The Aegean Region

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Aegean Region is one of the 7 main regions of Turkey. There are eight cities in the Aegean Region borders. İzmir is the most popular city and the gateway to the Aegean region which is connected to İstanbul by frequent air and land connections. There are also sea connection between Trieste (Italy) to Çeşme for heavy vehicles.

The magnificent coast line, lapped by the clear water of the Aegean Sea.

Olive groves, pine woods, idyllic fishing harbours, popular holiday villages have more than 5.000 years of history, culture and mythology… This region offers a life style with something for everyone, nature lovers, sun worshippers, photographers, sport enthusiasts, merchants, sailors, artists…

…Exceptionally mild climate, with soft verdant spring, hot summers, sunny Autumns and warm winters.

Aegean region has perpendicular mountains to its shores and many valleys between them; thus permitting the sea climate reach inner parts of the region.

Denizli city is situated in the inner part of the Aegean region in Turkey. The city is well known with its textile industry. The thermal resorts attract visitors to the province with their spring waters of therapeutic effects. Denizli roaster is an interesting breed which became the symbol of the city.

Aydın city is one of the major cities in the Aegean region. It’s growing so fast. Apart from the industry, rich agricultural relevance providing good opportunities too. The main agricultural products are Figs, Olives, pomegranate and cotton.

Muğla city and its surround is the ideal destination for holiday. In the city centre there are picturesque views with the traditional architecture of Turkish houses and Aegean style of living.

Manisa city is an attractive, modern city which carries traces from the past up to ancient times in the Aegean region of Anatolia
Even the great Ottoman Sultans chose Manisa as the training ground for crown princes.
Manisa celebrates the annual vineyard festival every September after grape harvest. It also provides dry fruit to export from İzmir Port.

Uşak city is an important and lively weaving center. Its high quality cotton products, traditional woven carpets and kilims are known world wide.

Afyon city is located as a gateway between Aegean region and the inner regions of Anatolia (Turkey). Also famous for its spa centers and thermal baths. Every year Afyon has an international festival in the August since 1998. It's an activity of concerts, exhibitions and folk dance.

KÜTAHYA city is the centre of the famous tiles.

Kuşadası image

Kuşadası image

Kuşadası image

Kuşadası image

Where is the nearest Casino?


There are currently no legal casinos in Turkey but plenty in the ‘ Turkish occupied’ northern part of Cyprus. There are 9 cities with gambling facilities in Cyprus which have 36 legal gambling facilities available in Total.

Neighbourhoods of Kuşadası

Ladies Beach

Until recently, Kadınlar Denizi was one of neighbourhood of Summer cottages, holiday sites and touristic hotels located on the shore of its magnificent beach.Water front villas consisted of detached villas with gardens. It was alive only Summer season, people they used to live here six seven months.

Kuşadası Guide

As real estate professionals,over the 12 years in Kuşadası, We helped, hundreds of
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Here is Kuşadası

As location, Kuşadası takes placed on the west part of Turkey. It is beside Aegean Coast line and it is near to Izmir city. At the same time Kuşadası is a harbour city and the west door of Turkey.

Four Seasons In Kuşadası

Such a lucky location on the earth as a climate zone! Living under an azure sky, adding a lot to your life quality and happiness!!