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As real estate professionals,over the 12 years in Kuşadası, We helped, hundreds of
people to find their new homes and new life style,

We are sure that, you have recognised some important reasons such as a delicious
cuisine, a rich culture and a great climate. While making decisions,these reasons are very

At the same time, we should add other reasons such as successful healthcare
services, easy travel access and economic cost of living compared to other European

As real estate professionals,our aim is to provide a guidance and convenience.

Owning and living properties in Kuşadası is more affordable than other big cities such as
İstanbul and Izmir.
Affordable living is not valid only for the cost of property, but for the whole of life in general.
You save your time from distance, you save your expenses like heating due to the mild
climate in the winter season.

New houses, villas or residences are being built in the new living zones developing in
Kusadasi by keeping in constant contact with our solution partners, construction
companies.We follow affordable projects inform our customers about the facilities they
offer and make them benefit.

Big cities are the most expensive places to live in any country. While calculating the costs,
we don't just look at it financially.The most important thing that you can not buy any
price,but you will earn easily Time is.

When we look at the quality of life , living in a city of 20 million and living in a city with a
population of 150K can be indisputable.

For these reason many people who lives in Kuşadasi and have a business connection with
Istanbul, they prefer economic domestic flights and return to their homes on the same day.

Aegean region has the most beautiful climate,mild weather and plenty of oxygen.
Kuşadası is located in the coastal part of this lucky region.

It is possible to benefit from the sun lights in Kusadasi over 300 days a year.
Imagine sitting on your balcony or enjoying basil smelling garden from April to the end
of November.
Also you may spend the summer on a beautiful beach or exploring local markets.

A great climate is the key to a happy and healthy life.


Turkey’s transport connection is strong.The high way network is wide and the roads are

If you living in Kusadasi, Izmir international Airport just 45 minutes away.
Due to its excellent location, the distance between Izmir and European countries is
maximum 4 hours flights. Most of them 2 hours. Izmir Airport is the 5th busiest airport in
the country. 40 international flights arrive to Izmir Airport (ADB) daily.
From Izmir, there is a perfect transportation net to many spots by bus, train or metro.

There are plenty flights from izmir to istanbul during the day.
Duration of flight is only 55 minutes.Once you get istanbul, you may find very good flight
connections from istanbul to any spot on the world.

We also would like to remained you that Turkish Airlines provide one of the best services
and flight net among the airways.


Kusadasi are surrounded by beautiful villages, olive groves,vineyards and with green
hills.The natural landscapes are extremely relaxing on the journeys.

When you look at from a hill to Kusadasi, you will see very impressed view of the Aegean
Sea. Sometimes it is possible to see lights of Greek Island.

Kusadasi sunsets will catch you, from your heart! The colours of the sunset, everyday with
a different beauty is mesmerising people. It is a kind of therapy.

Summer nights, people gathering at the sea side to watch this stunning view quietly in a


when somebody talks about more healthy life, Do not look beyond from Turkey. Aegean region is a
productive agricultural region.Cotton,olive,fig,olive oil, peach, orange, lemon and many products
delivered from this region to the world.

Kusadasi has own grown fresh products.It is possible to find all kinds of vegetables&fruits at
affordable prices from local markets or farm.

Feeling healthy is related with eating, smelling, feeling. A great weather will make you feel like
going outside,taking a walk, riding a bike or practicing yoga.

One of the ways to keep fit is to do sports.Kusadasi offers beautiful facilities as its fitness halls,
tennis court, football field, swimming pool, Dance school, Golf Course and diving clubs.

Kusadasi will be a right address if you take a step to get away!


Turkish culture is full of rich history, art,architecture, family and food.Turks are emotional
people,they are proud of their traditional and They are trying to continue them to the new

Turkish people has a good taste.Therefore many visitors had a pleasant memories about
taste during their stay in Turkey.

Sharing food is one of our tradition.Turkish people enjoy chatting,eating and drinking all
together around the table.

Turkey has four seas around, It is a peninsula. But people prefer to consume meat instead
of sea food. However Aegean people, prefer vegetable dishes with olive oil,appetizers and
sea food.Family relations are strong. Friendships are too.Hospitality is also constant part
of Turkish culture.


One of the most exciting aspects of moving to a new place is exploring the region.

When you start exploring Kusadasi, you will be surprised about place options.When you
drive, you will discover nice beaches and bays that you will go with your close friends or

If you like to visit historical places, you may explore Pigeon Island and castle by walking.
Or you visit a Caravanserai in the heart of
the city. We highly recommend you to visit the ancient city Ephesus.Visitors are coming to

Kusadasi harbour by cruise ship from Australia, Asia, South America and United states to
visit Ephesus, Virgin Mary House and Seljuk Museum. All places are just 15minutes
away from Kusadasi.

If you are nature lovers, you may visit Dilek Peninsula National Park. It has been
recognised as a flora Biogenetic reserve by the European Council. it is unique in the world
in terms of plant variety. Total park area is 27.598 Hectare.The picnic areas available for
public at the seaside of the national park.

Kuşadası image

Kuşadası image

Kuşadası image

Kuşadası image

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Neighbourhoods of Kuşadası

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