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As location, Kuşadası takes placed on the west part of Turkey. It is beside Aegean Coast line and it is near to Izmir city. At the same time Kuşadası is a harbour city and the west door of Turkey.

Once upon a time Genoese merchants arrived from Italy to Kuşadası by sailing to sell their products to Asia Minor market and they called Kuşadası as Scala Nova (New Port).

Kuşadası is an attractive region and has important features with its turquoise waters, romantic landscape, beaches, streams and forests.

The most important feature that donates this charm to, it is the climate zone and its clear air.

There are olive trees, cotton fields and fruit gardens around of Kuşadası, The olive oils of the region are called GREEN GOLD. Many oil producers have their Golden medal from the international contest.

Kuşadasi is a minimal, unique a port city. Also it is a holiday town.Provides, shopping centres and easy transportation system to get there easily.

if you are living in Kuşadası, you don't need to go anywhere else to have a holiday because you can reach 26 different nice beaches and spots in maximum 20 minutes drive.

Kuşadası image

Kuşadası image

Kuşadası image

Kuşadası image

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Neighbourhoods of Kuşadası

Ladies Beach

Until recently, Kadınlar Denizi was one of neighbourhood of Summer cottages, holiday sites and touristic hotels located on the shore of its magnificent beach.Water front villas consisted of detached villas with gardens. It was alive only Summer season, people they used to live here six seven months.

Kuşadası Guide

As real estate professionals,over the 12 years in Kuşadası, We helped, hundreds of
people to find their new homes and new life style,